Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is ICF?

The ICF building system - “Insulated Concrete Forms” - is made up of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) blocks, which after being assembled, are continuously filled with reinforced concrete, forming the walls of buildings.

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This system combines a high strength material, reinforced concrete, between two layers of EPS, material of high insulating capacity. This combination creates a wall with exceptional properties, highlighting the high thermal insulation (Energy Rating A or A +) and acoustic insulation (minimum 44db), superior fire safety (up to 4h) and high strength and structural durability (over 100 years without maintenance).

Is the ICF prefabricated? Why is it considered modular?

No, the ICF is not prefabricated. It is a technically advanced construction system, composed of EPS blocks previously produced in factory, which are assembled at the construction site. The iron frame and subsequent concreting of the walls is done immediately afterwards. This system is considered modular by its ease of handling and modularity - 1 block of EPS equals the use of 6 masonry bricks - and by the simplification of the construction process - the EPS blocks serve as a lost formwork to the concrete, at the same time as insulation of the walls. Also, the 15 cm thick reinforced concrete inside all the walls form the structure of the building, giving it the acoustic insulation along with the EPS.

How long does it take to build a house?

TECdream constructions take between 10 to 12 months to complete. In the future, simplification of logistics processes can cause the construction with the ICF System to take 8 months to complete.

They speak of the high comfort in the TECdream houses. How can I perceive this fact?

Comfort in a house can be felt by the reduction of noise and sounds coming from the outside, and by the temperature and sense of humidity felt both in summer and winter. The better the isolation of the dwelling, the better you will feel in your home! With TECdream's ICF system, our habitats have high acoustic sound insulation between rooms and also exterior insulation, with minimum values ​​of 44dB (the noise of a living room reaches 40dB, a heavy truck in circulation can reach 74dB) . In terms of internal temperature, the ICF constructs have decreased thermal bridges (summer-winter and night-day temperature variation). In majority of cases, thermal bridges and humidity are reduced by half compared to traditional construction. In addition, the pathologies associated with humidities and infiltrations are virtually eliminated. Still, rather than reading the description of the various advantages of this constructive system, there is nothing better than visiting some of our constructions. Send us a message: we will arrange a visit with you without any commitment!

What is "A+ Classification"?

The Energy Rating - which ranges from A + (the highest) to F (the lowest) - is the summary of the SCE Energy Certification System ( It is an assessment made to each property that provides the owner with information about the energy performance of the building, which includes reducing energy costs, improving thermal comfort and access to financing and tax benefits. TECdream construction has Energy Classification A or A+, within our frame of construction quality and application of materials and equipment advised. This degree is the best that any building system can achieve! In addition to providing savings between 50% and 60% in electricity (if, for example, an air conditioning equipment is being used) Classification A or A + allows discounts on IMI in some City Municipalities that are already adopting pro-environmental policies.

Is this construction system safe?

Yes, nothing will compare to a construction made from the ground up. A massive concrete slab and 15 cm thick reinforced concrete walls give any TECdream construction superior performance in terms of durability and structural strength. TECdream ICF constructions can have a lifespan of up to 120 years, meaning that you do not have to worry about improving or maintaining the structure. The EPS blocks themselves form two walls that isolate the reinforced concrete during curing ("initial drying" upon construction), allowing it to achieve excellent characteristics after it has become solid. The same EPS isolates the structure from the weather and humidities during the whole useful life of the construction. Combined with the robustness of the structure, it is possible to treat the plastic with products that add fire resistance up to 4 hours: having Euroclass E, EPS is a self-extinguishing material, so that the flame does not spread in contact with this plastic.

Is it possible to build in height? Or build a basement?

The ICF System allows to execute construction up to 7 floors in height. Due to the high robustness and safety of reinforced concrete walls, this system is quite versatile in the construction of several floors. The same is true of in-depth construction: the ICF allows the thickness of the walls to be adjusted to build basement floors, especially when they also serve as a land-containment structure.

What energy savings can I achieve in a TECdream house?

Due to the high thermal insulation, the TECdream construction provides savings of between 50% and 60% in electricity, for example, using an air conditioning equipment (having as a point of comparison an identical dwelling in traditional masonry with the same area and the same equipment) . The TECdream construction has Energy Classification A or A+ (within the frame of quality of the construction and application of materials and equipment advised).

Do banks finance construction with the ICF construction system?

Yes, absolutely. The ICF System presents a quality of construction that is, without doubt, a qualitative leap comparing to the masonry construction and, therefore, is seen as a high quality construction that will merit a positive evaluation by the banking sector. In addition, we are talking about construction that advocates complete licensing, such as masonry houses, and is also evaluated by the City Municipalities as permanent construction.

What are the advantages for the builders?

The adaptability of the system allows the ICF to be used in the construction of any type of architectural project. It also allows for a more accurate calculation of the cost of the materials - mainly in the construction of a structure - drastically reducing budget deviations and increasing the accuracy of the activity.

Because they are lightweight and easy to handle, developers are safer and less exposed to extreme physical stresses when handling and applying EPS blocks. Reducing the use of heavy machinery and high maintenance tools also helps to have a cleaner and lighter ecological footprint. The same fact is also a positive factor in the enlargement works, since the construction is less intrusive for those who already live in the house.

What are the advantages in terms of process speed?

The greatest advantage in terms of process efficiency lies in the faster structure construction: it is possible to assemble the EPS blocks, dock the iron, and concrete all the walls of a house floor in a period of time between 7 and 10 working days. This main process, added to the first stages of plot preparation, concrete slab construction, and subsequent concreting of the roof slabs, can reduce the construction phase of the structure from 2 to 3 months. Then, in the finishing phase, since EPS acts as an insulating material, it is not necessary to add other elements to this function afterwards. In general, the logistics of the ICF System is quite simple: the components are lightweight and easy to carry. The system works in a modular way, allowing efficient works management.

Is it possible to pour the concrete onto the walls in one operation?

Yes. It is possible to make a one-wall concrete with a height of 3 meters in one operation. The same is done in layers with a maximum of 0.75 meters in height, usually poured in a continuous process.

In order to pour concrete onto the walls using the TECdream construction system, is it sufficient to make the shoring on one side of the wall?

Correct. It is only necessary to apply the shoring on one side as the panels are interconnected by HDPE (High Density Polypropylene) connectors. Therefore, by ensuring the proper shoring and trimming of the inner side of the wall, the outer wall will also exhibit the same characteristics without further work being required. It should be noted, however, that the spacing between anchors should not exceed 1.20 meters.

How do you install the infrastructures (electricity, gas, water) on the ICF walls?

The installation of the hydraulic and electrical infrastructures is simple, since they will be embedded in the interior panel of EPS with 75mm of thickness, that is easy and fast to cut. With the ICF system there are no openings in reinforced concrete and masonry, which damage the structure, are time consuming and create unnecessary waste.

Can the waste associated with TECdream's construction system be recycled?

Yes. Firstly, the waste resulting from the TECdream construction system is residual (2 to 3%) when compared to traditional construction waste (15-30%). In any case, TECdream's products consist of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and HDPE (High Density Polypropylene), which can be recycled or easily incorporated into the construction of the building. It is also usual to shred the EPS that will later be part of other layers composition, usually on the light fillings of the rooftops or any other element that needs special insulation.

Can I buy EPS blocks from TECdream?

Yes. TECdream is prepared to supply EPS blocks and HDPE web parts to construction companies wishing to exploit the ICF System in their constructions.

Just contact us by phone or through our contact form, and describe in a general way the construction to be performed, namely the amount of square meters of walls to perform.

Does TECdream provide auxiliary tools for me to build with ICF?

Yes, there is such a possibility. TECdream has a series of auxiliary tools for the construction with the ICF System that can be acquired by your company: shoring systems and EPS cutting kits. Consult us by phone or through our contact form, and describe the typology and size of the project. We will advise the best solution for your case.

Does TECdream provide technical follow-up for me to build with ICF?

Yes, there is such a possibility. TECdream has Engineers in its staff who can be hired to follow certain phases of your work. Consult us by phone or through our contact form. You will need to make the DWG architecture project available so that we can measure the extent and specificity of the project. We will advise the best solution for your case.

Does the ICF System require licensing in the City Municipality?

Yes. All the process of legalization and regulation of the construction with the TECdream ICF System is identical to a house with traditional masonry construction. Therefore, the Municipalities themselves are easily identified with the typical process and bureaucracy associated with our construction.

Can I build on ICF on any terrain?

No. As in traditional construction, construction with ICF System requires the land to have Urban Classification, i.e. urbanized, or that one of the parcels of land is classified or characterized as such. It is not possible to build with ICF System on agricultural land, rural, or in REN - National Ecological Reserve - or RAN - National Agricultural Reserve - without being authorized and specified by the competent authorities and validated by the City Hall. Since our construction uses a reinforced concrete structure, our dwellings are permanent - a lifespan of more than 100 years - we are talking about permanent housing solutions.

How can TECdream help me in project licensing?

One of the main services at TECdream is the development of architectural projects, which are then submitted to licensing - through "Licenciamento" (step-by-step licensing) or "Comunicação Prévia" (all-at-once licensing) - in each of the City Municipalities throughout the country. TECdream has several professionals in the area of Architecture and Civil Engineering and other collaborators with experience in different bureaucratic matters: within our various competences, is the analysis and application of the specific urban/architecture rules that different municipalities may have. Consult us by phone or through our contact form, and describe your situation and your project. We can analyze the best approach for your case.

How to proceed with the licensing in the Municipalities?

The licensing of a building is a complex and mandatory process for the construction of housing dwellings, as is the case of construction with ICF System. Generally speaking, the developer (the Client) or the project developers on behalf of the Client (Architecture Office or the Builder himself) submits the application for a license with the Architecture and Engineering Specialties Projects and waits for City Municipality and its external entities answer. This submission can be in phases - called Licenciamento - or all at once - called the Comunicação Prévia. With the positive response (deferment), the builder documents are delivered in the City Municipality, and the Client can request the Construction Permit. After the start of each construction, specialized technicians representing the City Hall can inspect the worksite, in order to inspect what was initially proposed and approved. Upon completion of the works, the builder delivers other documentation, such as the workbook, and finally requests the Use Permit. With the issuance of this last document by the City Municipality, the licensing is completed, and the Client may inhabit its home.

What are the Especialidades / Specialty Projects?

Generally speaking, the Specialty Projects are a set of engineering studies, calculations and technical drawings that complement the Architecture Project.

The Specialties exist to give a rigorous foundation to the Architecture Project, while at the same time detailing in schematics and drawings the operation of each building at the most varied levels. In addition to the required studies, some Municipalities may require specific Specialty Projects according to the location or nature of the construction. Here are examples of the most common Specialty Projects that TECdream submits in construction projects:
- Accessibilities Plan
- Outter Arrangements Project;
- Landscape Architecture Project (if necessary);
- Structural Stability Project;
- Excavation Project / Foundations / Structure (if necessary);
- Water Supply, Sewerage Networks, and Rainwater Sewerage Project;
- Electricity Power Distribution and Distribution Project;
- Telephone Facilities and Telecommunications Project (ITED);
- Mechanical Installations Project (if necessary);
- Gas Installation Project;
- Pre-Installation of Air Conditioning Project (if necessary);
- Fire Safety Project;
- Ventilation and Exhaust Project, as known as AVAC (if necessary);
- Thermal Behavior Study;
- Acoustic Project;
- Domotics Project (if necessary);

Does TECdream perform the licensing of the Engineering Specialties?

Yes. TECdream has specialized partners who execute the Engineering Specialties for each project. If you have an Architecture Project for masonry construction already developed, and intend to build in ICF, we can request new Projects of specific Specialties, such as the case of the Stability Project. Other Specialties such as ITED, Acoustic, Thermal or Water can also be redone.

Is ICF licensing more expensive than a traditional masonry home?

No. The licensing process is not influenced by the type of construction, whether can it be with ICF or another construction system. The main rates or city permits are calculated by means of a formula consisting of a fixed part and a variable part. The variable part of this formula varies according to the total area of the proposed construction.

How much do city fees and licenses cost?

Unfortunately, that is a very asked question, but the answer we can give in a general way will never be as satisfactory as intended. The costs of city fees and licenses are not fixed or determined by law and, therefore, will depend on the rules of each City Hall.

We advise you to search on your Municipality's website - usually in the General Regulations for Building / Construction - or ask the Town Planning or Works department about these costs directly. It will be important to have the location of the land where you plan to build, and also to have a "Estudo Prévio" (Preliminary Architectural Study) with the plan and areas of the dwelling (or, at least, to know the desired areas for the same).

Do I need an architecture project for the ICF System?

Yes, the construction with ICF System needs the Architecture Project to be done. At TECdream, we have professionals available to develop the project according to your preferences, advising you on the best construction practices, tailoring the project to your housing needs and preferences.

I do not have an architecture project. Can TECdream help me?

Yes. Even if you do not have an Architectural Project, we can develop architecture "from scratch" for you. Another possibility is to base your project on an idea or a sketch that you have idealized. At TECdream, we have professionals available to develop the project according to your preferences and needs.

Is the Architecture Project included in the construction? What is part of it?

No. The Architectural Project is a service charged separately from the value of TECdream's construction. However, in the Architecture Project, all the technical drawings and other written pieces are included, as well as the Topographic Survey of the land: all this is necessary for the normal and obligatory licensing in Town hall. Also included is a set of 3D images that help each Client visualize what is the shape, volume and general aesthetics of the construction. If the Architecture Project progresses to its construction, the General Engineering Specialties necessary for proper licensing in the City Hall are also included in this project (note: Accessory Specialties such as landscape architecture project, environmental impact, or other requested specialties are not included. only by some municipalities).

I have an architectural project for traditional masonry. Can I build on ICF?

Yes. If you have a project that has been developed specifically for traditional masonry, what will have to be done is the adaptation to the ICF System.
In regular cases, the changes go through redoing some of the drawn pieces, as well as a new Engineering Specialty Stability Project, which is necessarily different between different construction systems.
TECdream has professional working in areas of Architecture and Civil Engineering experienced in the development and adaptations of this type of projects.

I have a sketch of a plant. Can I use it as a base?

Yes, it will be a great inspiration. At the beginning of the development of the architecture, the important thing is to have a good understanding of what each Client wants and needs: if you have a drawing of a plant already made by you, we will be able to perceive your ideas and requirements more concretely.

What are the TECdream Architecture Lines?

The TECdream Architecture Lines are a series of concrete proposals for dwellings developed internally in the company, specifically for our ICF Construction System. All Lines have variants, and are composed of blueprints, cross-sections and 3D images, in order to facilitate analysis by Customers who do not yet know what they want or what their housing needs. All of our Architecture Lines are adaptable to each Client - they are not closed models or have limited choices! - we can increase or decrease areas, add rooms, cellars, other floors or other spaces configuration. The same is true for the aesthetics of the building: it is possible to choose different materials, finishes or colors for the same Architecture Line.

If I choose a TECdream Line do I still have to develop an architectural project?

Yes. The Lines of Architecture are a generic starting point: any architectural project that follows them will have to take into account the adjustments / alterations requested by each Client, besides the study and adaptation of the same to the conditions of the terrain, as well as to the different City Hall rules and demands. Therefore, there is no architectural project that is "cloned" for different clients.

Can I change a TECdream Architecture Line?

Yes. In practice, adapting and tuning each project is something we do often. Our service is moving towards customization, not standardization. We do not have any reason to make two identical buildings for two families with different housing needs and preferences. Even before contacting us, you can select a TECdream Architecture Line that is close to what you want - whether it's the blueprint, the architectural style, or the layout of rooms - and imagine what you would like to adjust to your needs. We can then talk specifically about these adaptations, which will be the basis for the development of your Architecture Project.

What Specialties are needed in a TECdream project?

Here are listed the main Projects of Engineering Specialties that TECdream regularly submits to the licensing of construction projects (some of them accessories) in City Municipality. Depending on the specificity of the project, local or local rules, other Technical Projects may be requested. TECdream reserves the right to analyze case by case, and to be able to charge any of these specialties if it is justified.
- Accessibilities Plan;
- External Arrangements Project;
- Structure Stability Project;
- Excavation Project / Foundations / Structure (if necessary)
- Water Supply, Sewerage Networks Project, Rainwater Sewerage Projects;
- Electricity Power Distribution and Distribution Project;
- Telephone Facilities and Telecommunications Project (ITED;
- Gas Installation Project;
- Pre-Installation of Air Conditioning Project (if necessary);
- Fire Safety Project;
- Smoke Ventilation and Exhaust Project;
- Thermal Behavior Study;
- Acoustic Project.

Do you build "Chave-na-Mão" (turnkey)?

The term we prefer to use and which summarizes our business process and subsequent construction is “ready-to-live house”.

TECdream's service and construction is characterized by accompanying the Customer from an early stage (architectural design) to the end of construction (key delivery), but there are a number of intermediate stages and building elements that TECdream looks at together with each Customer: our service is based on customization.

Cross-standardization of construction is a path that we understand does not value the quality of our service and our construction.

What is included in your "Ready to Live" services?

All our Clients can be certain that we execute each work from the first to the last stage, with eye to each detail, and will not have to worry about having to subcontract another company to carry out some intermediate or technical construction phase.
Here are listed the main elements included in the TECdream construction:

1) Construction stages / Infrastructures
- Concrete slab - Structure in Reinforced Concrete and EPS Blocks;
- Electrical installations;
- Water Supply and Drainage Network (commonly known as "plumbing").

2) Interiors
- Coatings
- Stoneworks
- Floating floors (Corticeira Amorim type)
- Sanitary ware (type Sanitana)
- Faucets (type Sanitana)
- Tiles (Love Tiles)
- Recessed luminaires
- Kitchen (plafond for kitchen personalization).

3) Exteriors
- Coatings for façades
- Outdoor Floors
- Window frames in Aluminum or PVC, always with thermal cut and Double glazing.

4) Equipment
- Solar Panels (Sunaitec) for Sanitary Water Heating (AQS)

Is the concrete slab of the house included?

Yes, except in special cases. Usually, TECdream uses solid concrete slab, or in other cases light slab: these slabs types are included in our Construction Services.

In special cases where the conditions of the ground are not the most favorable, there will be a more in-depth study of the work to be carried out and the most appropriate solution (example - ground with clay soil, where it is usual to use slabs with support of foundations in staking): these special cases can mean an additional cost to the construction of the structure.

What are the exclusions of the construction? What does it mean?

We call exclusions to all elements, materials , equipment or any other requests that are not standardized accordingly to our quality level, therefore not allowing us to calculate the cost in advance, regardless of the Customer.

Usually, the items considered as exclusions refer to situations in which we are only in a position to calculate the extent and / or complexity of the work and its costs by analyzing case by case or, on the other hand, elements that we intend to present and decide together with each Client.

Example a - the costs with the walls of the lot: can only be calculated analyzing the topographic survey of the land, and knowing the Municipality rules specifying the minimum and maximum heights for them.
Example b - exterior arrangements: two lots of the same size, in which a Customer may wish to invest in a project of exterior arrangements that includes a pool and garden area, and another Client may prefer a deck area with a barbecue. There will be different works to be done, and different costs.
Example c - TECdream does not build kitchens by default template; it is our strategy, due to our individualized service, to let the kitchen be planned and decided from scratch by each Client. In this way, we do not consider the element "kitchen" as inclusion, and we choose to give freedom of personalization to each Client according to their preferences.

Here are the main exclusions in TECdream construction:
1) Construction stages / Infrastructures
- Landfill or excavation works
- Demolition works
- Slab in special soils (previously analyzed)
- Septic tank
- Drinking water tank
- Rainwater harvesting systems
- Gray water reuse systems

2) Interiors
- Custom Wardrobes (Optional)
- Lamps / Suspended luminaires
- Household appliances
- Air conditioning equipment (Optional), or other ambient heating system (Optional)

3) Exteriors
- External walls of the land (Required)
- Pergolas and covers (Optional)
- Decks
- Tar pavement
- Pedestrian / vehicle access (Optional)
- Outdoor Arrangements (Optional)
- Landscape Architecture (garden / lawn / trees)

4) Equipment
- Video intercom (Optional)
- Pool / Spa / Wellness (Optional)

5) Projects and Licenses
- Architecture Project * (mandatory) * (includes Topographic Survey)
- Licenses and City Taxes (mandatory) at Customer's expense
- Other administrative costs

What is the warranty for TECdream villas?

In terms of legislation, we follow those that are the European Union's mandatory building rules: - 10 years for the structure of housing; - 5 years for coatings and finishings; - 2 years for equipment (also covered by the manufacturer itself). In practice, the construction with TECdream's ICF System allows the structure to have a lifespan that exceeds 100 years, something that far exceeds the minimum periods required by law.

Some pictures show pools and spas. Are they included?

No. The images are examples of the variety of equipment, materials and / or finishings that our constructions can advocate. Examples of swimming pools, spas, hot tubs or other equipment are suggested by us as equipment that complements and enhances the construction, given the extra comfort they provide to our Clients and users of each dwelling.

We are, nevertheless, within the possibility of constructing and / or installing any of these examples in our constructions. If you have any questions about these examples, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or through our form.

What kind of finishings can I choose for my house?

The surface of the EPS blocks is prepared to receive any type of finishing on the market, without the need to add any type of extra thermal insulation. The outer walls are usually finished with fibro-reinforced mortars to the desired color (ETICS System), however, other types of coating may be applied, such as ceramics, phenolics or stone; imitation of rustic or industrial coating. The interior walls also have a wide range of finishings, such as carpet plaster, stucco, ceramic; stones or woods, authentic or imitation.

Can I decide to build only the ICF structure with TECdream company?

Yes, there is such a possibility. Depending on the circumstances - in particular depending on the geographic location of the work - we can advise Clients to contract and develop with TECdream only part of the construction, such as the structure. If you feel you may be in these cases, please do not hesitate to contact us before making a decision: the investment in our Building System is a great feature for any dwelling.

Does TECdream build all over the portuguese territory?

We act in part of the Portuguese mainland *. There are plans to extend the geographical area in the near future.
* There is also the possibility, if the geographical area is not favorable, of TECdream to execute only the structural part of the dweling with ICF System.

Are prices the same throughout the portuguese territory?

No. The reference prices are adapted according to the national territory. TECdream's strategy is to look for materials to national and local suppliers, in order to obtain the best possible price at any time. We have a policy of transparency and proximity between the main suppliers of the materials we have recommended, so that we can get the best proposal for the final Customer at any time.

What kind of maintenance is associated with a TECdream home?

TECdream construction has extremely low maintenance, as it involves materials of high durability and mechanical strength, of which reinforced concrete and fibro-reinforced mortars stand out.

TECdream constructions are not subject to problems associated with contractions and dilations of materials customary in wood constructions, nor to the usual corrosion problems in metal constructions.

Are problems with humidity minimized with the ICF System?

Yes, they are virtually eliminated. The aforesaid pathology usually results from the presence of rising moisture on the walls leading to accelerated physical and aesthetic degradation of plaster and masonry, characterized by a spot of moisture generally at the base of the walls and the appearance of whitish or yellowish spots. When using TECdream's construction system, this type of pathologies is practically eliminated, because the water absorption capacity of the EPS is zero when compared to the level of absorption of mortars and masonry. In any case, all underground level walls should always be properly waterproofed.

How do you fix pictures, cabinets or televisions on the walls of the TECdream system?

Regarding the fixing of light materials (e.g. frames), what offers resistance capacity are the finishes (stucco or plaster), and the high density EPS. These materials can easily withstand relatively light elements. However, when heavy elements (e.g. cabinets, televisions) are to be applied to the walls, care must be taken only to use steel screws with sufficient length to reach the concrete (usually: 12cm or 15cm).

Can I install an air conditioner later?

Yes. TECdream can specially design the pre-installation of air conditioning equipments, and make arrangements for the indicated location in the architectural project can receive the equipment later.

I want to do remodeling work at my house. What should I take into account?

It is important to point out that the TECdream ICF Construction System may have an evolutionary logic and should be considered in the long term. Remodeling will be difficult to do if it is out of what was originally designed in the architecture: a building structure with 15 cm of reinforced concrete along all the walls of the house is not easy to get changed.

Before beginning any work, the first step should be the consultation with an architect: explain what you want and what the reason for remodeling; with the original Architecture Project you will be able to find creative and minimal ways to meet your pretensions without resorting to extensive work. Afterwards, you should consult the rules and laws of the City Municipality that require the definition of the project and the proper licensing of the work and / or housing interventions.

With the path defined with your architect, and as will certainly be the advice of this professional, the most important is to act according to the technical specifications and stability of the ICF System: any change to a wall must take into account the behavior of the housing as a whole. You must hire a contractor who knows the construction system and can act according to the intervention project, and who develops the work according to the quality and level of materials and finishes recommended by TECdream, in order to guarantee the same level of performance and comfort of the dwelling at the end of the intervention.

I want to enlarge my house. How should I proceed?

It is important to point out that the TECdream ICF Construction System may have an evolutionary logic and should be considered in the long term. Extensions can be performed quite simply if they have been taken into account in the original Architecture Project.

Before starting any work, the first step should be to consult an architect: explain what you want and what the purpose of the extension; with the original architectural project they will be able to find creative and efficient ways to meet their pretensions without resorting to extensive work. Afterwards, you should consult the rules and laws of the Municipality that require the definition of the project and the proper licensing of the work and / or housing interventions. Essentially, adding more divisions to the original structure will be substantially simpler if communication between the original part and the new structure is promoted through a pre-existing door or window: these points make reformulation of the structure simpler without causes overall building stability and performance, while minimizing the need to remove and re-coat coatings.

The ICF Construction System itself makes these works much simpler: it produces very little waste and debris on the jobsite and also reduces the use of heavy machinery or dangerous work of transport and handling of goods. These characteristics make possible expansion works less intrusive for the daily users of the dwelling.