It is with great dedication and hard work of all employees of the TECdream we launched the new Website of the company. The enthusiasm is identical to when we present for the first time a new project is studied and perfected for months: a product that wants to succeed in the market and be part of the life of each client.

This new website brings also a great responsibility, everyone on the TECdream want to face with singular dedication: the creation of a single communication channel in the construction sector in Portugal, by the proximity to all clients partners.

TECdream’s Website is the mirror of the way that the company goes through: a project based based on modern architecture, rigorous engineering and intelligent design. One of these examples is the new Project area, where you can view several images of each TECdream’s habitat, your plans and technical details. Also in the Online Store you can see several products and materials available to equip any turn-key project that TECdream can construct.


In addition to the classic areas that each corporate website should have, TECdream’s dev team took a step forward, and provided a series of detailed information about the ICF System and its advantages, providing also a comparison with the traditional masonry construction system.

TECdream, ICF, ICF em Portugal



Each website visitor will have at their disposal numerous constructive and technical details in the ICF system menu, which will be supplemented in the Frequently Asked Questions. Here, everyone can come into direct contact with our architecture and engineering team and clarify their doubts about our products and construction system.

TECdream, site, ICF, ICF em Portugal


Finally, the company blog: a bold step that shows the ambition of the TECdream to be an innovator in its products but also in its communication with all clients and construction business sector. Periodically, we will have exclusive articles of every one of our employees, where everyone can read our views on relevant topics from the construction sector, innovation, sustainability, architecture, design, engineering, and many others. We hope it’s also a way to get closer to our customers and partners.

Is there a topic you’d like to see addressed by TECdream’s team? Or any information about the ICF system that would like to deepen?Leave your suggestion in the comments. We would be happy to hear your opinion.