From April 11th to 13th 2018, the former FIL in Lisbon opened its doors to discuss the future of smart cities.

The Portugal Smart Cities Summit aims to bring together some of the key players in the urban intelligence sector at national level, and TECdream was invited by the Sintra City Council to join the cast of this renowned fair, sharing knowledge and showcase sectors that encompass the emerging concept of smart cities.

During these three days, participants gave a privileged display of the most varied sectors that encompass the concept of smart cities, presenting products, services and solutions in the fields of technology, sustainability, innovation and environment. This event was a showcase to discuss the future of smart cities in sectors as diverse as energy, TIC (information, communication and electronic technologies), mobility, transport, water, waste, environment and habitation.

TECdream participated with the presentation of its constructive concept and the advantages of the ICF System, debuting a video with the various construction phases of a development in Sintra, with our HomeDream Architecture Line. You can see the photos of this villa in this link.

For more on the concept, visit the Portugal Smart Cities website.