Our performance has one main reason:


Architecture, design, engineering.
Dedication to what will be the project of your life:


In the Project

Architecture Project
from scratch or adapted


In Licensing

We expedite licensing
and simplify processes for you.

In the Construction

The Comfort is the true standard:
everything else is taylor-made.

How we project?
  • We develop projects from scratch or based on any sketch you may have already made.
  • We can adapt a project developed by other architecture professionals.
  • We adjust the TECdream Architecture Lines to your needs and preferences.
How we proceed?
  • We follow-up the architecture project licensing at your Municipality.
  • We submit the necessary documents for the normal development of the process within the City Hall.
How we build?
  • We follow each Client from the architectural project until the end of the housing construction.
  • The house “Ready to Live” includes construction of the structure until the final finishes.
  • Each Customer is unique, and therefore our construction is performed according to the customization – never from the standardization.

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